“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” -Newton

Mathematics has an unmatched ability to bring the brightest minds of the world to humility.

I am not the best mathematician. I don’t even consider myself a good mathematician. Frankly, my computational skills are par at best. Indeed there exists a countable set of individuals that would be multitudes better to teach this material than myself.

However, I am unmatched in my passion. I am driven to convince people that they need to experience the beauty of advanced maths and the mode of thinking it forces upon them. Because of this, I will put forth an extraordinary level of effort to make advanced maths available to anyone willing to put in the time.

“High academic achievers are not necessarily born ‘smarter’ than others, but work harder and develop more self-discipline” -David Shenk, ‘The Genius in All of Us.

Work hard and disciplined and I promise to teach you all that I know about Mathematics.

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