On the current state of things

Things are going great here at This is Math. A reddit post on /r/math was well received with tons of comments and suggestions. A summary of the advice given can be found here. Thank you to the users who have already registered on this site, and don’t forget to register on University of Reddit. Right now I am ironing out any of the major design aesthetics needed for the site to run smoothly. I... read more

Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics: Full Syllabus

Cross-post from University of Reddit: Introduction: This course is designed to act as an introduction to proof based high-level mathematics. It guides students to think mathematically by analyzing a problem, extracting the pertinent information, and drawing appropriate conclusions. This course will follow “A Transition to Advanced Mathematics” (Smith, Eggen, St. Andre; 6th Edition). “In... read more

New Beginnings

I just launched my course on University of Reddit and I must say, I am floored with the response. Ten minutes into registration and there are 3 people registered. This is a great idea.   read more