On the current state of things

Things are going great here at This is Math. A reddit post on /r/math was well received with tons of comments and suggestions. A summary of the advice given can be found here. Picture of a seqway. It's so seggalicious!

Thank you to the users who have already registered on this site, and don’t forget to register on University of Reddit.

Right now I am ironing out any of the major design aesthetics needed for the site to run smoothly. I spent some time trying to get the facebook connect to work so you guys could login with facebook, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen for now–which is an excellent segway into my next point: I need help on a few items.

Apart from feedback and moderation, I need some advice on how to implement a problems/solutions section of the site. Currently I am considering making a subreddit for courses as we go to satisfy this need. The voting system there would make aggregating and commenting on solutions seamless, and a markup extension would be easily implemented.

I am also looking for some really smart people to come on board to hold me accountable mathematically, and if anyone has experiance working with WordPress I welcome your help.

If you’re interested, e-mail me:

Stay tuned, I am working frantically to get everything in place to start lessons this weekend. Get pumped!